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Beard Brushes

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Beard Brush

Having a "Beard Brush" could be one of the most important items you buy for your manly mane. Pulling beard hairs out while brushing is an epidemic and will make your beard look thin, and just plain terrible. This brush was designed with the mane in mind! With our soft gliding bristles, you won't have to worry about pulling hair out or scratching the mess out of your face. 

-Wet or dry, get rid of tangles gently and effectively.
-Made with flexible bristles, gently glides through your hair, detangling knots in just a few easy strokes without tugging, snagging or causing breakage.
-Great for right after the shower!!
-It will help to distributes oils evenly through the beard while also lifting away dirt and producing a smooth, well kept appearance.

*All brushes are hand made*

 *It is vital to have a great brush, to prevent thinning from pulling out hairs*

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