Why Pick DB?

Why pick Dream Beard over the other guys? 

Because that’s just it, a lot of the “other guys” out there are just guys who don’t know much about crafting a product that can truly do its job without going rancid, smelling bad to begin with, or causing you to have even more irritation.

We’ve been a forerunner in the industry.

  • We have taken care of customers in over 80 countries, crossing culture boundaries, language barriers, and changing the way men are perceived!
  • Incase you need a second opinion, you can always reach out to one of the 400,000 + followers we have between Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter. 

When we started, we weren’t aware of any other company like ours. These days it seems there is one in every corner promising this and offering that. We just promise that we and our products will treat you right.

Dream Beard started back in 2012 

We (Ryan and Brittany) spent our last $46 we had on Dream Beard because we believed in the product, and we felt it needed to be on the market. We knew our products were special.

We started solely making beard oil, so we’ve learned a thing or two about creating a kick ass oil that will actually deliver. From there, we’ve ventured into other grooming products that truly deliver some serious bang for your buck.

It’s pretty obvious that some companies out there are just in it to get in your pants.


No, not like that. I mean they are trying to get to your wallet. They are willing to lie and tell you that their products will make you grow a beard even if you can't grow one. Excuse me, the only thing out there that can do that is a beard transplant, and I don't recommend them.

*One company actually boasts that they started their journey in selling beard oil just so they could bank on an article that was coming out about their blog. Gross!

Our customers are very important to us!

So we feel the need to express that to them. We include a handwritten note in every order. Even if it feels like our hands are about to fall off from all the note-writing, we keep going. If one hand falls off, we’ll just switch hands! 

You are not just getting a product with DB

You are getting a family! A network of bearded men and beard supporters from around the world. Dream Beard is a family owned company that is operated by a young married couple who had a dream to get out of their comfort zone. They wanted to start something that would add value to their lives and connect them to people around the world.

If you want to know more or have a question, we'd love to hear from you! Just connect with us on our contact page!

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