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Conditioner (Sulfate & Paraben Free)

This is the perfect conditioner to compliment our shampoo and continue the relaxation! Guys, conditioner is not just for the ladies. Add this to your beard after a good wash, and experience how the other half lives! OK, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but we promise it will make a huge difference in the softness and manageability of your beard. And yes, this is a great conditioner for anyone even if you don’t have a beard!

Let us break it down for you! You get:

*Sulfate & Paraben Free
*Softer hair and facial hair.
*Hair and facial hair that is more manageable

1) Mountaineer
(Tea Tree Peppermint)

Feel the icy cold winds of the tallest peak of Mount Everest from the comfort of your bathroom. Weather you climb mountain peaks or just a set of stairs in your house, this will give you all the confidence to face any obstacle life throws at you.

2) Beach Bum
There is a small place deep inside us all that wishes we could spend our days doing nothing but roam around with no responsibility, no plans. Call it a drifter, call it a wanderer, or call it a nomad. Whatever you are at heart, escape life the Beach Bum.

(For Conditioner)
Directions: Real men don’t need directions, for everyone else. Apply to wet hair. Using hands or comb work conditioner through covering the hair from root to end. Leave in for 1 to 5 minutes depending on how deeply you wish to condition. Rinse thoroughly. Use as often as needed.

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